Be concerned about this example: Because the team was exhilarated, it celebrated. As long at the same time as the adverbial modifier clearly points en route for one particular verb or clause, the placement is acceptable.

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The noun box has two modifiers: of nails and which is nearly ample. How can you possibly move so as to quickly and still get the absolute answer? Consider picking up this class again later today or tomorrow. But you need that long to come back with, chances are good that you're absent something or have already made a mistake. Coordinating conjunctions, such as after that, can glue two independent clauses all together. Here's the core sentence: Carlin influenced and inspired yet struggled. As elongate as the adverbial modifier clearly points to one particular verb or article, the placement is acceptable. She has been called a trend-spotter, culture aficionado and What is wrong with the sentence below?

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Associate the remaining answer choices vertically, looking for differences, or splits. In this correct version, the main clause ends right before the comma. The additional version says that she waters a bite more than i. Note that these transitional elements are not true conjunctions like and. Adverbial modifiers, such at the same time as adverbs, can modify verbs, adjectives, prepositional phrases, even entire clauses, but they do not modify plain nouns. Adhere to these in mind as you action to your next step.

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