Alec Jeffreys.

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Charles Steinmetz. Helium-neon laser. Ice cream freezer. Leo Baekeland. Allene Jeanes. Robert Gundlach. Iver Anderson.

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Ronald M. Molecular beam epitaxy. William Goddard. Norbert Rillieux. Campbell - Wallace is consistently active in the local area helping out wherever he sees the need.

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Arduous drive and floppy disk. Switching belief for cellular phones. Louis W. Federico Faggin. Harold Eugene Edgerton. Molecular sieves. Vint Cerf. Ottmar Mergenthaler.

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Stanley Macomber. Samuel Morse. Albert Dick. Peter Cooper Hewitt.

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Selman Waksman. Sumita Mitra. Henry F. Tracy Hall. Debbie has chosen to allocate all her time and effort en route for this great organization. John Mauchly. Linus Yale, Jr. Central processing unit Central processing unit. William Shockley.

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